Match Report
Chafyn Grove Preparatory School Boys-U9A vs  Sandroyd
On: Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

The Cheetahs posted an uneven performance against a strong Sandroyd team. We started flimsily, flinging the ball out of our possession and did not commit to our tackles individually. Ty, Bertie and Wilf all tackled well, but too few of us were determined to line up for the next one. Sandroyd scored six tries fairly easily – with one from Bertie our only response. At half-time we spoke about putting a bit more control back in our game and looking after possession better. It looked like working for a while and we traded tries with Sandroyd evenly thanks to scores from Wilf and Bertie again. However, once a few of our players ran into touch we sagged back into disorganisation. Arthur Bell, however, was determined throughout and made a massive effort to lift the team, but he needed more support. Bertie had a fine game in attack and defence, and Toby and Findlay got close to the try-line on several occasions. Sandroyd were simply smarter, sharper and stronger – it’s a shame we could not bring our speed to bear when we had the chance. There’s no shame in losing to a better side – and Sandroyd decidedly deserved their win. However, collectively this was less than our best and we should take the right lessons from Bertie and Arthur’s example.

Chafyn Chiefs v Sandroyd

Sandroyd won 12 tries to 6.

It’s fair to say this was a disappointing afternoon in which many of the coaching points made over the course of the last few weeks made little impact. A lack of passing, and receiving the ball standing still as well as honey potting all meant Chafyn made themselves easy targets for the Sandroyd tacklers who gratefully took their opportunity to put the boys on the floor. In attack they was little thought to pass the ball and although there were glimpses of what we could do ball in hand – Robert and Oscar making good yards, these were too few and far between. Defence was also an area where holes appeared! The exception to this was Ethan H, not the biggest – but what an effort he made to bring the Sandroyd boys down – outstanding!